Mobility Van / For Your Active Lifestyle

In accordance with the 2010 US census, almost 57 million Americans have a disability which requires mobility assistance. Whenever you hear such a considerable number, you are probably picturing elderly citizens and adults. Nevertheless, a large portion of the population comprises of children 18 and under. In fact, nearly 800, 000 children under the age […]

Lift Chairs For The Elderly

A reclining high chair is an excellent solution for seniors who have difficulty getting up from their living room chair and or flop into their chair when trying to sit down. Maybe their current chair or sofa is too low for them to safely get in and out. They are thinking about purchasing distinct furniture […]

Will Medicare Pay for Wheelchairs?

Danny Fowler of Miami, Florida found the overspending recently when he had to substitute a wheelchair for his wife. He wanted to buy one because he suffers from a kind of muscular dystrophy and necessitates the permanent use of a wheelchair. Medicare only covers the cost of renting one for as much as 13 months. […]

Benefits Of Electric Wheelchairs

Years ago wheelchairs were commonly known manual wheelchairs, but with the advance in technology and science, wheelchairs have experienced a massive transformation. The creation of the electrical wheelchair is a milestone in this history of medical science. There was a large development in the technologies used for producing electric wheelchair. Today the energy wheelchairs, as […]

How To Pick The Right Wheelchair Cushions

There are several types of wheelchairs, and not all seats are alike. For those who want additional padding on their wheelchair, then there are a lot of distinct choices. Though the primary intention of purchasing an extra pillow for the wheelchair is to enhance your comfort level, there are several common misunderstandings about which cushion […]